Leadership Conference

We all know of a manager that couldn’t even manage their way out of a wet paper bag. They turn up late, talk down to people and take all the credit. “Great job Bob, our talk really must have inspired you.” Leadership isn’t a title that can be given it’s a perception that must be earned. A narrative all too common in any organisation where the wrong person is given the right job. A metaphoric dead branch that on the surface is contributing to the efficiency of the office but internally is slowly rotting the culture from the inside out.

An issue only rectified by hiring the right person for the right job. Yeah ok…but how?

It starts by listening to the insights of our first keynote speaker, Peter Stewart, the Managing Director of https://www.lynxrecruitment.co.nz/ and his ‘Seven-Step Recruitment Process.’ A formula for hiring and retaining exceptional people that he utilised in the building of an award-winning recruitment agency. An ever-evolving story that if implemented correctly will have your good company doing great things.

A concept and process executed not only through the retention of great staff but through your ability to inspire, cultivate and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. A culture that begins with you and ends with a better bottom line. A bottom-line that I’ll help improve through my failures and successes in running a commission only sales team for one of the world leaders in face to face marketing.