How To Make Money Remotely

Well shit here we go again.  Another week freezing in the kitchen pretending like I’m motivated.  I say freezing because I left my socks in the dryer downstairs and can’t bring myself to make the trip.   It’s a funny thing seeing the same walls everyday and not having the ability to distinguish one memory from the next. I mean I’m being a bit dramatic, but, when you have less stimuli in your environment, your memory gets a bit wonky from not having varying reference points to distinguish one memory from the next. So, to counter that, let’s explore a problem to break the monotony of our day to day. How would you make a living remotely? Well first things first, you need to sell something of value. Having raised a few million dollars for charity from only selling an ‘idea’ or ‘good feeling’ you quickly realise value is a completely subjective experience. You can even sell a blank piece of paper if the person you sell to perceives the value as greater than the cost. The next question then is; how do you build value? Most commonly in selling it’s done by building trust, emphasising the problem then providing the solution which is a little trickier to do if you’ve never met them. So, the next point of call is to utilise marketing as means of building trust. Here’s my cost-effective strategies for doing it:

  • Gary Vee’s $1.80 Strategy-Share your two cents to all the places your ideal clients hang out virtually (FB groups, Instagram hashtags, Linkedin pages/profiles etc).

  • Content Content Content-Send mass emails for free with Mailchimp adding value, post on Tik Tok four times day, post on your personal Linkedin twice a day, create virtual meetup events and leverage existing connections to open doors to referral partners.

  • Make content at scale- For one you could use Gary Vee’s How to Make 64 pieces of content a day' strategy or two, record podcast interviews with potential prospects. Simple, Zoom call someone you want to convert, record it and then distribute for free using Anchor. It’s a lot easier to call someone inviting them onto a podcast than it is to ask for their business. You’re getting market insights from your ideal client, the audience relate to them and you’re showing them how you help. Worst case you end up with a 40 minute video you can break up and distribute in a 100 different ways.

  • Have a funnel that leads somewhere- Ok they like you but what good is it if you can’t pay the bills? You need to create a sequence of events that leads to an appointment, a paid virtual event or the purchasing of a product. A good example of this might be offering something for free in exchange for their details then having a sequenced email that adds value step by step while solving their objections until you’re left with qualified leads at the end. The more personalised you make this journey the higher the price you can ask at the end. A great example of this is Opes Partners who use a software called Right Message. Try it out if you want, we have different investment values but their marketing is pretty impressive “Want to Invest in Property Without the Money Worries? The general idea is add value then ask. Right message is too expensive but use the same concept and apply it in different ways.

  • Build Independence-Don’t be at the mercy of any platform  diversify your posting and retain your audience. Post everywhere you can use Hootsuite, Buffer and IFTT for free. IFTT is a bit confusing but basically you can create sequences. For example, when I post on Instagram it will automatically post on twitter etc. If This Then That. Collect emails and numbers so that you have your own independent community. I haven’t worked out how to do it properly yet but text messages at scale would have huge open rates. So, if you can add value directly to their phone at scale you’ll kill it.  

  • Re-target-This can be done using a Facebook or Google Pixel on your website. Basically what that allows you to do is re target the people who visit your website with ads. Most people need to see you at least five times before they make a decision.  So, utilise the analytics you get to re-target them wherever they go. If all this is gibberish then buy this course Social Media Marketing MASTERY | Learn Ads on 10+ Platforms it's cheap as chips or do another course on Udemy.

  • Farm-Don’t rely on your ability to get a new client to pay your bills. You want to monetise ongoing service or have a continual revenue stream. This could be like us where we charge an ongoing fee for service or a subscription for exclusive content or deals on your products or whatever way you want to provide value just make sure it’s ongoing.

For those of you wanting to go more in depth, I'm more than happy to do a strategy session over zoom. Book a Free Zoom Call Strategy Session