Free Level Three Auckland Business Strategy

Free Level Three Business Emergency Toolkit:

1. Work Remotely for free with Team View.

The idea is that you need to keep the office computer running then use your personal computer to connect with it. If you have staff members sign them up individually to get it for free.

2. Meetings & Events

Zoom is the most cost effective way to connect with people. Free version lets you run group meetings for 40 minutes with 1 v 1 meetings unlimited.

3. Marketing

Tik Tok, Meetup(Run online events) and Linkedin are free ways to get market exposure. Post daily content with hashtags for Tik Tok use this or just have hashtags for your local area i.e Auckland etc and @ people for Linkedin.

Use it as your top of funnel to then drive people to your call to action landing page. Alternatively you can use Gary Vees $1.80 strategy. Comment your 2 cents 90 times a day on posts that relate to your industry.

4. Social Media Scheduling

Use Buffer and Hootsuite in combination for free.

5. Invoicing

Got this idea from Chelsey use Waveapps & Paypal in combination so you only need to pay per transaction.

6. Mindset

Meditation is king when it comes to dealing with bad thoughts. The best app I know of is Wakingup. If $ is an issue email to get it for free.