My Story

I am a Financial Planner from Oneplan for Retirement.  The reason for you and I crossing paths is that from a young age, I had an unhealthy obsession with what constitutes emotional success and understanding the best way to help others to achieve it.


This obsession lead me on to an illustrious career in commission only selling and management for one of the world leaders in face to face  marketing. The motivation for pursuing such a career was that I had a crippling fear of talking to people with an intention. Whether that be asking a girl on a date, a stranger for directions or selling.


I knew deep down if I didn’t face this, then I had no place giving others advice. After forcing through the nerves and facing my fears, I had the good fortune of leading the education and direction of a team of 15 where their income was derived purely from their ability to achieve results.


This experience was one I would never forget as it brought me to the door of Greg Moyle’s office. A Financial Planner with over three decades experience who helped lay the foundations of everything I know about investing today. Now it’s my turn to give back, by sharing what I’ve learnt about the underlining drivers of the human psyche and the financial framework you need to live the life you want.