Upcoming Events

  • Digital Transformation and Leadership Conference
    Tue, 02 Jun
    Ellen Melville Centre
    Technology is everywhere. It is described as the fastest growing industry. Ever. And it has become synonymous with digital transformation. Two words you will have likely heard in relation to the use of how technology will improve your business or help you manage through disruption.
  • Online Event- Investment Fundamentals
    Tue, 21 Apr
    The key motivation for organising an event centred around investment fundamentals is to help position you in a better place to deal with unforeseen events.
  • Online Event-Digital Marketing and the Future of Voice
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    Tue, 31 Mar
    The biggest threat to the success of your business is a resistance to change. Sure it’s unpredictable, uncomfortable, and unbearable at times, but, if you stagnate in your rigid view and fight the technological advancements of the world then the resulting effect is undeniable, just look at....
  • The Art of Not Selling
    Tue, 10 Mar
    Ellen Melville Centre
    Client acquisition is a pain point all business owners love to hate. On some level, we all know how to do it but, over time, complacency creeps in, and laziness takes over to the point where our strategies are no longer the efficient vehicles they once were. This is where you dust yourself...